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A weekly entertainment show where celebrities come together not just for a bite but also to have an interesting and insightful conversation with each other. The show is rather light-hearted and informal and is based on the chit-chat between the guests. Both guests will be from different genres where guests will interview each other.

Creative Director - Bipin Kumar Acharya

Manager-Production - Luv Karki

Chief Cameraperson - Suman Maharjan

Cameraperson- Avesh Muni Bajracharya, Chandra Man Dongol, Sujan Thapa

Production Assistant - Sapana Gurung

Music Producer - Rawpraveen Shrestha

Graphics - Suresh Bade, Shrey Shakya,

Editor - Ram Tamang

Associate Producer - Nikita Acharya

 Producer - Sagar Maharjan

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