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Himalaya Roadies is a Nepalese reality show. It is part of the MTV Roadies series. The series is broadcast by the Nepalese network Himalaya TV and airs every week for an hour. The participants receive difficult tasks to complete to become a roadie. Only people 18 and over are allowed to compete. The current season (Season 4), with the theme of Season of Survival follows the existing format of the MTV Roadies where in the show will be hosted by Raymond Das Shrestha, with special power and responsibility and there will be four gang leaders namely, Anoop Bikram Shahi, Saman Shrestha, Deeya Maskey and Ashish Rana aka laurey. Priyanka Karki was also seen in 3 episodes of last year's Roadies as an special guest with some super power. The series is directed by Seamus Sunwar.

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