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Galaxy Sports Center is a weekly sports review television program on Galaxy 4K television. The show covers news of various sports teams and athletes from around the world and also shows highlights of various national and international sporting events of the week. The program will also bring forward informative interviews with stellar athletes as well as reports on the state of various sports in Nepal and sporting venues.

Creative Director - Bipin Kumar Acharya

Manager-Production - Luv Karki

Chief Cameraperson - Suman Maharjan

Cameraperson- Avesh Muni Bajracharya, Chandraman Dangol, Sujan Thapa, Kanak Kumar Mishra, Dipendra Thapa Magar, Prakash Tamang

Production Assistant - Sapana Gurung

Music Producer - Rawpraveen Shrestha

Graphics - Suresh Bade, Shrey Shakya

Editor - Ranjan Pradhan

Associate Producer - Sarita Shrestha 

Producer - Nikita Acharya

Presenter -Sonika Aryal

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