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Idea Studio Nepal is a platform to turn promising innovative ideas into business and ultimately ignite social change by enabling aspiring entrepreneurs in favor of entrepreneurship. Idea Studio provides encouragement, resources, space, exposure, learning,  networking, and investment opportunities for socially conscious business ideas. It provides a 
platform for aspiring entrepreneurs who seek mentorship, training, counseling to startup, scale-up,  and link up their businesses through its national level Startup Incubation Program. Its approach is based on the core values of promoting social innovation, igniting investments, for social justice,  through knowledge creation, and eventually restoring human dignity. Idea Studio believes in the philosophy of a collaborative approach linking knowledge-policy-practice to create a vibrant sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal. 
Idea Studio Nepal works in close partnership with the government, academia, public and private sector, commercial banks, development partners, media houses, trade & industry organizations, and many other institutions to foster the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Nepal. The partners work together on the principle of the multi-stakeholder approach to create an enabling environment to build a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. 
Idea Studio also conducts grass-roots events like the ‘College Idea Hunt’ to encourage entrepreneurship amongst college students and youth. It supports potential start-ups and scale-ups with innovative business ideas through its incubation, mentorship, counseling, and seed investment opportunities. Up till season 4,2000+ innovative business ideas were received with 130 going through the incubation program and 40 businesses successfully in operation. Idea Studio is also a  popular reality television show, airing on national television where the entrepreneurs involved get a national platform to pitch their businesses. 
Our Partners: 
Policy Partner: National Youth Council 
Knowledge Partner: Kathmandu University School of Management 
Banking Partner: Prabhu Bank 
Eco Impact Partner: WWF Nepal 
Investment Partner: Eco Impact Investment Fund 
Production & Broadcasting Partner: AP1 HD TV
Online News Partner: Shilapatra 
Ecosystem Champions: National Innovation Center, Capital Nepal, Radio Audio
Academic Incubator Champions: Kathmandu Model College, Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education, GATE College 

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