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The show aims to paint a clear picture on the topic carrying a neutral point of view on issues and topics that aren't usually addressed by mainstream media.

Producer / Presenter/ Concept - Aarzoo Nepal 

Editor - Ram Tamang

Assistant Producer - Sujita Karki

Script - Suraj Subedi 

Research - Nishma Gautam

Voiceover artist – Manoj KC (Samaya)

Graphics - Suresh Bade, Shrey Shakya, Rupesh Thapaliya, Bibek Shrestha, Pradip Dahal 

Audio co-ordinator - Uttam Shrestha

Music Producer - Rawpraveen Shrestha 

Cameraperson- Avesh Muni Bajracharya, Chandra Man Dongol, Sujan Thapa, Ema Thapa, Ajay Hakuju

Production Assistant - Sapana Gurung

Creative Director - Bipin Kumar Acharya 

Manager-Production - Luv Karki

Digital Team – Sujit Luintel, Krishna Prajapati, Subin Bhandari, Asmika Rai

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