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Nepal Lok Star is Nepal's first mega-budgeted organic reality TV event that operates without an international franchise. The show is created to meet the demands of the existent folk-loving audience and will serve the audience a blend of organic folk music and the current very popular genre of singing reality TV shows. The show broadcasts every Thursday and Friday exclusively on AP1 HD.


The judges seated in their office are separated by a video wall from the studio that hosts the contestants performance. The judges can watch the contestants in the video wall whereas the contestants have no view of the judges. Only upon receiving an average four stars from the judges shall the video wall open and the contestant meet the judges.
A Chahana Media Presentation

Created By
Sahadev Koirala
Bharat Bahadur Basnet

Chief Executive Officer
Suraj Giri

Contestants manager
Uttam Subedi

Channel Head
Laxmi Prasad Paudyal

Project Head
Suresh Paudel

IT Chief
Dhananjaya Acharya

IT Manager
Nishan Shrestha

Light Effects Supervisor
Pankaj Bishwakarma

Program Coordinator
Yopesh Pradhan

Shivaram Shrestha

Suresh Paudel
Lokesh Bajracharya
Aleen Shrestha

Jayananda Lama
BB Anuragee
Ramji Khand
Sunita Dulal

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